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What You Missed at the Predictive Biomarkers for Cell Therapy Summit

As more and more cell therapies flood the market, we must collaborate to maximize response insights, minimize data collection costs, and enhance treatment matching. Predictive biomarkers are now a focus distinct to companion diagnostics for the cell therapy community as we must improve complete response rates and avoid toxicity for the most effective cancer therapies.

At the summit, attendees had the chance to uncover the hidden potential of biomarkers across blood, solid tumor biology, and the immune system with cell therapy pioneers from the likes of Novartis, ASC Therapeutics, Mustang Bio, Stanford University, Medigene, Kite Pharma, Cellectis, Arovella Therapeutics, Astellas and Harvard University

Attendees were able to:

  • Leverage predictive biomarkers to optimize product design, amplify activity understanding, increase mechanistic insights and enhance patient outcomes
  • Understand the best practice for data integration, dose escalation and clinical correlation to squeeze the maximum data from a small sample
  • Discover the hottest technologies from NGS to AI models for regulatory compliant identification and validation of predictive biomarkers, mastering patient selection to ignite complete response rates for pioneering cell therapies
  • Harness the potential of animal models, immunofluorescence, multi-plex flow cytometry and more, to effectively draw data from immune, blood and tumour measurements

Attend the next inaugural Predictive Biomarkers for Cell Therapies Summit to translate these insights back to your pipeline!

What You Missed:

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Delve into the mechanisms and disease pathways through solid tumor biology with Cellectis, Medigene, Omega Funds, Harvard and WUSTL to tackle heterogeneity and identify novel biomarker source

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Unleash the power of NGS, immunofluorescence and MRD diagnostics with Mustang Bio, Novartis and Medigene for exploiting cell-free DNA and identifying novel efficacy biomarkers

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Explore the cutting-edge technologies of multiplex flow cytometry, AI risk progression models and transcriptomics with Novartis, USC and Mount Sinai enabling comprehensive genetic profiling and enhanced predictive biomarker discovery

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Evaluate cost effectiveness, feasibility and patient selection strategies for a seamless clinical progression and data collection strategy with Astellas Pharma and Sanofi

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Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion with ASC Therapeutics, Cellectis, and Arovella Therapeutics on the unique considerations of biomarker discovery and validation of autologous versus allogeneic cell therapies

Join us next time to elevate predictive biomarkers and transform the future of
cancer therapy!

This groundbreaking summit united leaders in biomarker strategy, translation and clinical developmen to benchmark biomarkers of response, relapse, and toxicity in both liquid and solid tumors. It was the perfect forum to gain clarity on the important platforms and samples prioritized by your esteemed biopharma colleagues and academic pioneers. Imagine extracting maximum information from small sample sizes, in less time, and with reduced costs!

What Your Peers Have to Say

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‘ I loved the presentations, and the ideas that were raised. This was a great opportunity to discuss many challenges, highlighting the real dilemmas in the field.’
Senior Scientist, from Immatics


‘Good panel of speakers and good network opportunity. Can't wait for this meeting to get bigger.’ Senior Scientist from Takeda